I love pizza.  It’s my absolute favorite food on the planet.  For what seems like years, every Sunday my husband and I make pizza.  It’s a tradition in our home and it’s one we plan to continue for as long as we can.  Not because I’m obsessed with a cheesy pie, but because traditions are special.

I love hearing stories about different traditions that kids experienced growing up and are even still experiencing today.  We have a friend whose dad plays Neil Diamond Christmas album every year on Christmas Day.  It’s these kind of funny little memories that make life together so special.

For our pizza, we are lucky enough that Publix carries pre-made dough, so we can make lazy pizza instead of slaving over a hearty dough for hours.  The topping options are endless, but we tend to stay a little more traditional.  One time we made a buffalo chicken pizza which sounded good in our brains, but didn’t necessarily agree with our stomachs…  We’ll never do that again.

BUT, this pizza is the jam!  So good!


  • Pre-made pizza dough (If you have a local publix, there’s is delicious, but any dough will do.)
  • Mid’s Pizza Sauce (Again, any will do.  This just happens to be our favorite)
  • Sliced mozzarella
  • Basil
  • Pepperoni

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Lay the dough out flat and lightly cover with olive oil.  This helps not only flavor the crust, but also keeps it from getting too dried out.

Spread the sauce evenly over the dough.

Next: TOPPINGS- In whatever order you want, cover with pepperoni, cheese and basil (plus or minus anything else you want!)

Bake on a pizza pan or pizza stone for 25-30 minutes.

Wait about 5 minutes for it to cool, then slice and serve!


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